Sometimes the Incompetence in Our Industry is Astonishing…


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Oooh, I SO wish I could elaborate, but that would be indiscreet.

I’ve often complained about the lack of training for our rookie agents, and the subsequent lack of competence displayed by first and second year agents. But I can forgive them – I did my share of stupid things in my rookie-hood and I’m sure you did, too. Things that now seem laughingly obviously wrong, but at the time, eh, not so obvious.

But lately I’ve seen “experienced” agents pull some stunts that have no other possible explanation than sheer incompetence… or, put a little less eloquently – stupidity. Jaw-dropping antics that leave me speechless. Where you can’t do much else but shrug your shoulders and forgive them because they clearly don’t have the brainpower to do any better.

Of course, when presented with such stupidity incompetence , it’s darn near impossible to be so philosophical about it, especially when it affects your business and your livelihood. So you can try to point out to the incompetent one what they did wrong. And why it bothers you. And what they should do to fix it.

And what will you get for your efforts? Probably just more proof of their incompetence. Explanations that don’t make any sense. Promises (that usually go unfulfilled) to rectify the problem. And so it goes.

Thanks for listening.

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