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Picking up from Wednesday’s “If Your Listing Isn’t Selling…”key

So, if your listing isn’t selling and you’ve agreed with me that perhaps price might not be the best¬†solution, what else can you look at?

Well, it might be really simple. Have you checked access lately? Lockbox still there? Key still in it? Key still work in the lock (sticky locks kill showings)? Is the seller declining or restricting showings?

Have you previewed your listing lately? Does it still show well and smell good?

How’s your MLS description? Is it dull (“3 bedroom/2 bath ranch in Woodbridge”) or jazzy (“Mid-Century tri-level with modern flair!”)? Do you over-promise and under-deliver? Are the photos in season? ARE there photos? Are the driving directions correct, if the property isn’t a slam-dunk to find?

Here’s a biggie – IS THERE A BUYER for this house? Are other similar homes selling? If so, there’s something wrong with yours. If not, there may simply not be a buyer on the planet at this time and you can’t manufacture one. Not all homes are sellable, contrary to popular opinion.

Take a really close look at what IS selling in the neighborhood or market area. Can you identify any common denominators among the selling listings versus the non-selling ones? Maybe all the sales are of 4-bedrooms and yours has 3. Maybe it’s the 2-story models that are selling and yours is a ranch. You can’t fix that, of course, but it might help you understand (and explain to your seller).

But what if the problem isn’t simple, but is fixable?

Tell ya what – if you want to hear the rest of the story – click here for a 15-minute audio from a live presentation I did this spring on this very topic! Hope you enjoy!

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