Thank You, Considerate Door-Knocker (no, that’s not sarcasm)


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Door knocking

Imagine the scene…

A real estate writer is sitting at the computer in her beach house (yeah, life’s rough). Out of the corner of her eye, she sees movement outside her front door. It appears to be two adults, one carrying a clipboard. Uh, oh, she thinks. Not a good sign.

Her (four) dogs see them as well and of course, make their presence known, barking their heads off, jostling with each other for the best barking position at the shuttered glass door.

Their owner, who is positive she has not the slightest interest in whatever it is these people might be selling, scurries off into the bedroom where they can’t see her and waits for the doorbell to ring.

It does not. And it does not some more. She waits a few more minutes, the dogs settle down and she gets the nerve to peer around the corner of the bedroom door to see if they’ve left. They have – she sees them walking down the street toward her neighbor’s front door.

Why didn’t they ring the bell? She has no way of knowing but she gives them the benefit of the doubt and assumes that they realized what an inconvenience it would be for her to get four barking dogs under control so she could safely answer the door and sigh – listen to their pitch.

And you know what? She was so impressed with their consideration that she briefly (okay, VERY briefly) thought about chasing them down to see what they were selling.

Contrast to a door-knocker who came by her house a few weeks ago selling carpet-cleaning machines. The dogs, predictably, went nutso when she opened the door – and one of the door-knockers was clearly afraid of them, so she felt compelled to apologize and chase them (the dogs!) around the yard trying to corral them in and quiet them down. This took about 10 minutes and the guys just stood there waiting for her to get her dogs under control so they could pitch to her.

Okay, so maybe her dogs should be better behaved; she accepts that. But door-knockers… when you walk up to a house and hear multiple dogs barking on the other side of the door, show a little consideration and walk away. There really isn’t much chance the dog-owner on the other side of that door is going to welcome your visit.

Thank you