The Confident Rookie Series – SECRET SEVEN – Let Your Seller Prospect Talk!


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New agents are always nervous before their first listing appointment. Probably before their second, third, tenth & twelve, too. It does get easier, I promise, but here are some tips for getting through those nerve-wracking firsts…

My absolute best advice to first-time listing appointment-ers is to LET THE SELLER DO MOST OF THE TALKING! Two reasons for this.

First, this seller has probably already endured two or three sales-pitches from other real estate agents who barely took a breath to let him talk. They very likely didn’t express much of an interest in him and his situation – they just directed his focus to their fancy-schmantzy listing presentation. Have you ever sat through one of those? BORING. I’d tune it out in about five minutes if I were a seller.

Second, you need to know as much as you can about the seller’s situation and motivation before you can properly advise him. Heck, you need to know this stuff before you can decide if you even want the listing! So, besides the fact that the seller will love you if you let him talk more than you do, it also gives you the opportunity to better understand if, and how you can best help.

So, here’s what to do when you get to the house. Have the seller show you around, ask questions, take notes, and really listen to the seller’s answers. If this is the first time you’ve seen the inside of the seller’s house, you can’t really be expected to tell him what it’s worth – you have to go home and do your homework. Nothing wrong with that. But the more you listen and show interest, the more that seller will be impressed with you – seriously! LISTEN, and the seller will trust you. Leave your sales pitch in the car.

That said, you do need to be prepared with a marketing plan in case the seller asks for one. You might be surprised how often they won’t, but if they do, it’s probably a good idea to have an answer. This is where the process of putting together a formal listing presentation is helpful. It forces you to figure out what the heck you ARE going to do to get that house sold and what services you’ll offer. There’s a sample listing presentation at my website – just go here.

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