The Confident Rookie Series – Secret Six – Find Your Handyman


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One of the very first things I advise rookie agents to do – well, at least in their first few months – is to find a handyman. A good handyman will save your backside and your commission over and over again and make you look good. I don’t know how any real estate agent functions without a handyman on call. Find him, give him work, make sure he’s paid promptly. Bob is my handyman and he’s saved more of my deals than I can count.bob

How can a handyman help you look more experienced? Well, just the knowledge that you have someone on your team who can take care of home repairs for your buyer or seller gives you a Can-Do attitude. For example, when I work with buyers who are nervous about all the little maintenance items their inspector points out, I sweetly tell them “We’ll just put that on the Bob-List” so they know they won’t have to go to the yellow pages. When your sellers get a laundry list of repairs after the inspection, I comfort them by explaining that we’ll have Bob come over and give us an estimate (today). When I’m helping a seller get ready for market, I look like the hero when I bring Bob in to get done in a day what would take the seller a month to do… and usually for under $1000 (less than a mortgage payment!)

How do you find a handyman? Put up your antenna! Ask other agents in the office. Send out an email to your Sphere of Influence. Call some property management companies. If you know anyone in construction, ask them. Ask at Home Depot. When you get a few names, give ‘em a test drive in your own home.


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