The Confident Rookie Series – Secret Three – Don’t Wing it with Your New Buyer!


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Moving on from yesterday’s rant, here’s the third Secret to Being a Confident Rookie – Preview, Preview, Preview!! house

Before you go out with a buyer for the first time, preview every single house you’re considering showing him or her. I promise you, you’ll rule out more than half of them and will be relieved that you did. If you show a typical buyer a house that shows poorly, smells funny or has a crazy floorplan, he’ll figure you don’t know what you’re doing, because buyers think we know every house in town.

Even with interior photos and google earth and virtual tours, you cannot properly evaluate a house without going to see it. I mean, think about it – if a house has a major flaw, do you think the listing agent is going to spell it out for you in the MLS description? Or make sure that it’s highlighted in the photos? Uh, no.

As a new agent, making a habit to preview-before-showing will give you tremendous confidence as you work with your new buyers. You’ll look far more experienced and self-assured, and won’t be caught off-guard by a mis-advertised or fatally-flawed property.

Oh, and you’ll also ensure that you don’t get lost with your buyer in the car! More on that tomorrow

The Confident Rookie Series:

  1. Know Your Systems
  2. Practice with Your Printer (sounds silly, I know)
  3. Preview, Preview, Preview
  4. Drive Your Route Ahead of Time
  5. Cheerfully Waste Your Time
  6. Find Your Handyman
  7. Let Your Seller Prospect Do Most of the Talking
  8. Get Comfy with Your Commission
  9. Admit that You’re New
  10. What to say when you don’t know the answer

Stay tuned…

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