The Confident Rookie Series – Secret Two – Practice with Your Printer!


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Picking up from yesterday’s blog about how important it for rookies to Master Their Systems before they need them; today I’ll add just a little bit more to that project.printer

Practice with Your Printer. This may sound silly, but when you’re writing an offer for a buyer, it’s nerve-wracking if you can’t get the printer to work. Seriously.

I wrote my very first offer back in 1996 at 6:00 pm on a Friday night in my Coldwell Banker office. I called my broker away from Happy Hour to help me (yep, he was a bit looped). I’d had training on the contract software and was pretty comfy there, but had never actually printed a contract.

Using my own brand new contract software (registered under my name & all!), I created the contract with my broker’s help, and then went to print it out. Oops. Great big DRAFT watermark across every page. Hmmmmmm. Tried again. Same thing. My buyer was sitting in the conference room waiting for me, but neither I nor my broker could figure out what was wrong. And, being Friday night, there wasn’t much chance of finding any customer service at the software company.

I was a mess and felt like an idiot. I ended up re-writing the entire contract on pre-printed forms and life went on. Turns out that I needed some activation code to remove the DRAFT watermark.

But there are all sorts of things that can go wrong when printing from new software, aren’t there? Especially if you’re in a networked real estate office.

So, as you’re practicing with your contract software, be sure to also practice printing out the contracts. Please don’t hesitate to waste paper. If your software requires legal paper, be sure you know where it is and how to load it. If you have the option of either legal or letter, be sure you know how to select the one you want. Know how to “insert” or “remove” n/a’s and such.

And… always have a back-up plan. Here’s mine:

  • Plan A:  Business as usual – use the regular office printer
  • Plan B:  If that fails, try the other printer at the office (we have two)
  • Plan C: If both of those fail, email the contract to the receptionist to print out
  • Plan D: If I’m really crashing & burning, know where the pre-printed contracts are and write it up manually.

Again, I know this sounds trivial and even silly, but just wait until YOUR buyer is sitting in the conference room waiting to sign his offer and you can’t produce anything for him to sign!

The Confident Rookie Series:

  1. Know Your Systems
  2. Practice with Your Printer (sounds silly, I know)
  3. Preview, Preview, Preview
  4. Drive Your Route Ahead of Time
  5. Cheerfully Waste Your Time
  6. Find Your Handyman
  7. Let Your Seller Prospect Do Most of the Talking
  8. Get Comfy with Your Commission
  9. Admit that You’re New
  10. What to say when you don’t know the answer

Stay tuned…


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