The Facebook Fan Page – Do You Join Because There’s Value There… or Just To Be Polite?


posted by on Random (Un)Common Sense

In my continuing effort to better understand the professional value of a presence on Facebook, I am now going to ask for help on the concept of the Facebook Fan Page.

Let me disclose upfront that I have Fan Page and I am grateful for every one of the 305 310 313 fans who have, well, become fans. I even post there most days, and get a huge kick when someone comments on my postings.


But I must admit, I really don’t see the point. As far as I can tell, conversations generated on Fan Pages tend to die out pretty quickly since the conversationalists aren’t notified that someone has replied to a comment. Outta sight, outta mind.

And, well, this next bit is a little touchy.

I get invited to become a fan to at least a dozen fan pages a day. Mostly from real estate agents who are Facebook Friends on my personal page. That’s totally cool.

But again, what’s the point of becoming a fan of a real estate agent in another market except just to be polite? I can’t say I’m much interested in the comings and goings of their local market, or of their listings or open houses. No offense, but well, I’m just not. Now, if the point of becoming a fan IS to do so out of politeness, that’s fine, I’ll do it. I want to have good manners, to be sure. If I never visit the Fan Page, I guess no one will know, so what harm does it do?

Am I missing something? Is there something really cool about these Facebook Fan Pages that has escaped my notice (MINE INCLUDED)? I’m serious – it may very well be the case because I’m still utterly perplexed by why anyone would want to Twitter. Although, I do have a Twitter account, too… 

So… if YOU have joined a Fan Page (mine or anyone else’s), why did you do it? Because you care about what that person or company is up to? Or just to be polite?