The Rookie Series – Ten Secrets to Looking as if You’ve Done This Before!


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Last August I held a 3-hour workshop in Denver called “The Confident Rookie – Ten Secrets to Looking as if You’ve Done this Before!” Fun time, good crowd.ja

For whatever reason, my inbox & forum have been flooded lately with questions from new and newer agents on many of the topics I covered in this presentation, so what the heck? I’ll do a blog series here on the Rain and score some easy points ;-]

A little disclaimer… despite the title of the series; I’m not going to tell rookies how to trick their clients or prospects into believing that they’re a competent real estate agent, capable of handling someone’s real estate needs, so that they’ll allow the rookie to practice on them and learn what he’s doing. Nope. What I am going to cover is how to BE a competent real estate agent who IS capable of handling someone’s real estate needs, so that the rookie will have the confidence to sell himself to prospects and yes, get the experience he needs.

But I will never, ever ever advise anyone to “Fake it til you Make it” as a business philosophy. Will it happen? Oh yeah, it’ll happen every day, this year, next year and for years after that. I’ve been selling real estate for 12 years now and I still have to bluff my way through situations on a regular basis. But that’s actually one of the topics covered – HOW to do that, without jeopardizing your credibility or your license.

Here are the Ten Secrets According to JA:

  1. Know Your Systems
  2. Practice with Your Printer (sounds silly, I know)
  3. Preview, Preview, Preview
  4. Drive Your Route Ahead of Time
  5. Cheerfully Waste Your Time
  6. Find Your Handyman
  7. Let Your Seller Prospect Do Most of the Talking
  8. Get Comfy with Your Commission
  9. Admit that You’re New
  10. What to say when you don’t know the answer

Stay tuned…


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