The Salaried Real Estate Agent – Part II


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Last week sometime I posted a blog questioning whether or not a salaried model of selling real estate¬†could work. Personally, I think it could, and will even go so far as to say that the public might be better served under that model. And I’ll probably expound on that opinion in the near future.

But not surprisingly, most respondents didn’t much care for my idea of the salaried real estate agent. Various objections were raised, including the rather ego-centric one of “But I don’t WANNA work on salary! I like being my own boss!”

And hey, I agree – I, too, enjoy the pay-for-performance compensation structure of the traditional real estate model and I love the challenge of never knowing if next month will be my biggest ever… or, um, not even close. And I most certainly have no desire to punch a time-clock.

But that wasn’t really my question – whether or not “we” like the idea for ourselves. The question was whether or not it is a viable business model. And again, I’ll likely pontificate more on that later.

For now, though, let me ask this question. Would you have gotten your real estate license and gone into the real estate business if:

  1. The average SALARY (that is, guaranteed pay) was $75,000 + benefits & bonuses, and
  2. You had no sales responsibility (that is, your job was to manage the transaction, not procure business)?

Just curious – your thoughts? (And no, I’m not thinking of opening up my own salaried shop – egads – SO not my thing to manage people!)

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