Where’d my MoJoGo?


posted by on Positive Thoughts for Tough Times

mojoI have writer’s block. Oh, I can bang out a blog or two without much angst, but anything more labor-intensive seems beyond my capacity right now.

Unfortunately, I’m working on a brand new book and I’ve set some aggressive goals for myself (2,000-3,000 words a day which will have the book finished up in two months if I stick to it), so this disinterest in writing has me a bit concerned. And frustrated. Even a little scared. I’m sure you can relate.

So, I’m taking a mental break, quietly trying to remember what inspired me to write Sell with Soul in the first place. How was I feeling when I began the project? I mean, writing an 80,000-word book is a big undertaking! What on earth made me want to take that on back in 2003?

Well, let’s see. In 2003, I was a full-time real estate agent, making plenty of money. I was newly divorced with extra time on my hands. A friend of mine, who had just gotten her real estate license, casually mentioned to me that I should write a book about how to be a good real estate agent, since she hadn’t gotten any such instruction in real estate school, or in her Big Name company training.

So, I figured, what the heck? I’ll write a book about how to be a good real estate agent! And Sell with Soul was born.

I didn’t write Sell with Soul to make money. I didn’t need to make money writing – I had plenty from my real estate business. I didn’t write Sell with Soul to get famous. I didn’t write Sell with Soul to inspire a revolution or even to change anyone’s mind. I had no real goals or expectations at all, other than to HELP NEW AGENTS SUCCEED SELLING REAL ESTATE.

Fast forward to today. I no longer sell real estate and I’m a full-time writer. It’s my job. It’s how I make my living. To eat, I need to write. I now have goals, I now have expectations, heck, I wouldn’t even mind starting a little soulful revolution.

In short, it’s different now. I look at writing as a means to an end – that is – a financial end. As I write, I wonder how “sellable” the message is, not how “helpful” my words might be to those who need to hear them. I’ve shifted from wanting to create something useful to needing to create something marketable.

Thus… my writer’s block.

Old Fogies (those of you who sold real estate during happier times), do you remember the feeling of looking at your prospects and clients as people you could help, rather than deals that would (fingers crossed) pay your mortgage? Remember when making that mortgage payment wasn’t dependent on your buyer buying or your listing closing? When you could truly put the needs of your clients FIRST because, frankly, your life wouldn’t change significantly if this or that deal didn’t close?

Selling real estate was a joy back then and for our beloved rookies – I hope you get to experience that joy of HELPING your clients reach their goals, without fussing too much over whether or not you get a juicy paycheck for your efforts. It’s a beautiful way to make a (good) living.

Because selling real estate well is a lot of fun and can be extremely satisfying. But when you’re desperate for a paycheck, your focus shifts and your attitude changes.

Can we recapture the servant’s attitude we had in days gone by? Can you? Can I?

Here’s MY plan. Every morning I’m going to sit quietly and clear my head of all the noise that’s accumulated there over the last 24 hours. I’m going to think about how my words might inspire, motivate or otherwise rev up a REAL person who needs my help. I’ll ask for guidance, direction and most importantly, a servant’s attitude.

If I do this, I think the rest will fall into place. Do you think this could work for you?