Why Sell with Soul?

Welcome to a new world of real estate sales! A world where agents respect their clients, prospects and each other. Where agents strive to be competent at their jobs before they strive to be great prospectors. Where real estate agents can be respected members of the community, not the punch line to a joke.

Here are ten reasons to Sell Soulfully…

  1. You can make plenty of money and still sleep well at night.
  2. Your listings sell, not only because they’re priced appropriately, but also because you were straight-forward and honest with your sellers up-front.
  3. Your buyers buy, because you know your market and are well-prepared for every showing tour.
  4. Your deals close, because you know how to hold those hard-fought sales together even when things get tense.
  5. Your purchase offers are successful because you strive for a win/win whenever possible.
  6. You don’t spent much money on marketing, because you have plenty of business from repeat customers and referrals from friends.
  7. You’ll never pester a stranger for their business because you recognize how much you hate to be pestered yourself.
  8. Your clients love you because they can tell that you respect the generous “contributions” they are making to your children’s college fund.
  9. Your pipeline is always full because you don’t blow off prospects who “aren’t quite ready,” but will be someday.

And Best of All…#10. You love your job because you’re really really good at it. And that’s the best feeling in the world.