Yet Another Reason to Hold that Open House #3 (of 4):


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Earlier this week, I started this little series on Why You Should Do at least One Open House (on your own listings) even if you think they’re a “waste of time.”

Why? Because…

It will make your seller happy

You’ll gather feedback from the public

And… today’s topic:

You’ll Become More Familiar with Your Listing

How much do you really know about your listing? Chances are that you took a little tour with your seller on the day of your listing presentation and probably another one when you took your photos and measured the rooms. But you’ve probably never spent much quality time in the home by yourself, just absorbing the features or even the challenges the property offers.

When I do an open house, I tend to check everything out – admittedly, often out of boredom. Yeah, I open doors & drawers, wander in and out of bathrooms, flip switches to see what they do. And in the process, I discover things I hadn’t noticed before, especially if I’ve always been accompanied by my seller on previous visits.

Okay, so this probably isn’t a gi-normous deal, but I do find that by spending some quality time in my listing without the distraction of rapport-building or just chattering with my seller, I’m a better listing agent.

One more reason to open house… tomorrow!