Your Elevator Speech


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The new agent asks… “What can I tell people about myself in 30 seconds that will make them want to work with me?”

That’s a tough one. I’ve seen some pretty creative answers. Most answers center around bragging about one’s expertise, one’s helpful nature and one’s successes.


I’m trying to think of a time someone bragged to me about themselves and I was so impressed I asked for their business card. Can’t think of one. We human beings tend to be contrarians and will argue (at least mentally) with just about anything. Tell me how great you are, and I’m already thinking of reasons to disagree with you.

So, what do you say to someone you just met to motivate them to want to know more about you?

Try this secret phrase.

“I’m a real estate agent!!!”

If you announce it with your shoulders back and a big smile on your face, like being a real estate agent is the coolest job in the whole world…it’s magnetic. People will be irresistibly drawn to you and can’t help but want to know more about you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if you fake it. If you don’t love your job and don’t think it’s the coolest in the world… no one else will either.

But if you do love your job and think you’re pretty darn good at it… try the secret phrase a few times and let me know how it goes.


copyright Jennifer Allan 2007